How many battlefronts are needed to win a war?

It is difficult for any army to wage and win a war by attacking the enemy at all fronts. This is impossible logistically and strategically. Similarly, how many marketing fronts are needed to market the business and win customers? How many social media channels? Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or YouTube, etc. Most businesses are stationed […]

The problem with online

To cut it short, it will never replace face to face interaction. Technology has made things easier, but not when it comes to our communication and interaction as humans. The evidence is that the Facebook experiment has been trialed for 16 years since 2004, but it has never succeeded in bonding people better and together. […]

Learn to practise Win-Win

Every one wants to talk, sell and offer something to people, a product, a service or an advice. There is nothing wrong with that, but when you decide to do that, try to offer and create value for people. Covid-19 has pushed more people to find a living online which is totally understandable. The problem […]

Fake or not

Voicing an opinion that runs counter to the mainstream is sometimes being ridiculed and presented as fake. The pyramids of power do that directly or indirectly on purpose

Do not watch the news.

By doing so, you help yourself and those around you to stay calm and positive. News kills positivity and hope. Around the clock, news channels are spreading fear, people are getting scared and extremely worried. Your mood is swinging because of the news. The story of the year” Corona Virus” has become known, so self […]