DM meaningfully. Enough BS.

The number of “experts” who reach out to connect online is staggering. A marketing manager followed me on Twitter and immediately sent me a message that she can magically help me rock the internet. She did not even bother herself  to read my profile or the posts to see if I am right person for […]

Wishing people good is a skill.

You might feel jealous and envious of other people. While it is normal to feel so as humans, it is worth examining the emptiness inside us. Emptiness perpetuates all these negative feelings. So, examine and deal with this problem. On the other hand, wishing people good is not a built-in feature in our human psychology. […]

The next ten years

Undoubtedly, they would be much harder than the last 10 years. COVID has rung the bell for 2020 announcing a new decade of pandemics, lockdowns, restrictions, and vaccines. Going back to normality is an illusion. I am not pessimistic, but I am in favour of doing a reality check that is real. Lack of freedom […]

Courtesy vs hypocrisy

Courtesy is having and showing politeness, good attitude and behavior towards others. We are not born courteous, we acquire these attitudes from our parents, friends and the society in which we live. And we develop them over time till they become flesh. Unfortunately, most people show certain attitudes and feelings but they do not possess […]

How to develop your emotional intelligence? Part 3.

In order to develop your emotional intelligence, understand the nature of the problem discussed in the previous posts below. First grow your emotional intelligence then grow everything else. Grow your emotional intelligence, but do not be the psychologist. Emotional intelligence means that you are a successful social animal. You can relate to others successfully. Intelligence […]