Human skills

One of the most startling features of our human race is our ability to relate, develop an affinity and attachment to each other. Recently, I met a couple of friends whose human skills have badly deteriorated. Business and busyness are their excuses. Most people are busy minding their business, yet their level of communication is […]

The next ten years

Undoubtedly, they would be much harder than the last 10 years. COVID has rung the bell for 2020 announcing a new decade of pandemics, lockdowns, restrictions, and vaccines. Going back to normality is an illusion. I am not pessimistic, but I am in favour of doing a reality check that is real. Lack of freedom […]

Nobody chooses his or her color

It is worth remembering that nobody chooses the color of his or her skin prior to birth. None of us does have a say over race, color and nationality prior to birth. The rich vs the poor. The westerners vs the Easterners. The white vs the black. The us vs them mindset must be eliminated. […]