Gold means stability.

A lot of discussions in the news about the potential return to the gold standard after the collapse of the dollar or the petro-dollar standard. The fact of the matter is that central banks love booms and busts. Gold prevents them from booming and busting the markets. Gold cannot be printed from thin air. It’s […]

When the business final impact reveals the shocking truth

The final impact of the business determines the soundness of its purpose. Let’s discuss this statement by using Barclays bank whose purpose, mission and corporate strategy are great learning tools that we can use to better our understanding. Let’s first dissect Barclays’ purpose: Creating opportunities to rise. We are a company of opportunity makers working […]

The irony of the financial crises

The irony of the financial crises lies in the fact that central banks like US Federal Reserve, European Central Bank, Bank of Japan and Bank of England have an army of risk management teams, experts and financial geniuses at every level and floor and yet they fall into the trap of the market over and […]