Hi, I am Kamil Toume, I strongly believe that the power of purpose is powerful. My purpose is to challenge the status quo to make things better not for the sake of being disruptive. It gives the fuel to my passion to keep me on course.

Starting with challenging the dehumanization in the business world as the failing leadership practices exercised by most managers and leaders have negatively affected people. Most managers and leaders are lost in mistaken business beliefs and practices which are inherited from the industrial era. It is so disgraceful that the factory management thinking has not upgraded itself for hundreds of years.

Also, I realized that challenging the dehumanization in the business world requires challenging the dehumanizing and broken model of today’s capitalism which encourages businesses to be excessively greedy, egocentric, bend the rules, mistreat and layoff people to reach the greedy ends.

Pointing the fingers at the ultimate cause of the problems helps identifying and finding the solutions. Effective treatment starts with diagnosing the problem then administering the solution to root it out.