During times of universal deceit, telling the truth…

George Orwel once said “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.’ In the age of corona virus and other crises, I would tweak it a little bit to be “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth makes you a conspiracy theorist’.   I have noticed that over the last couple of weeks and since […]

Do not watch the news.

By doing so, you help yourself and those around you to stay calm and positive. News kills positivity and hope. Around the clock, news channels are spreading fear, people are getting scared and extremely worried. Your mood is swinging because of the news. The story of the year” Corona Virus” has become known, so self […]

Do not be a cliché

Do not copy and paste. Do not be a me-too person. Be your own voice. Raise your voice. Hiding is too easy. Ah well, raising your hand and voice makes you vulnerable and vulnerability hurts. It exposes you. It turns lights on you. To the Wanna-Be and Wanna-Do not to the status quo keepers. All […]

Velocity of failure

Success stories are glorified and celebrated everywhere. In schools, they reward straight A’s and demote B’s and C’s . Failure is a stigma for most people. Everyone talks about success, its arts and techniques. Few who teach us how to fail and what to do when we fail. Do not tell me succeed, teach me […]

Purpose vs passion. Which comes first?

Most people spend their lives in pursuit of discovering their passions. The fact is that purpose ignites passion not vice versa. People try hard to ignite their passions, but they fail. Knowing what you truly stand for sparks off passion. Nelson Mandela’s purpose, Former President of South Africa was to end apartheid and achieve freedom […]

Careful. The demotivators are surrounding you.

Creativity killers. Yes, they are the factories, I mean the companies of the twenty first century. “Swim with the trend” encouragers. Keep fitting. The machine needs you. Be and stay a cog.  Do the job. “You were not born to be a cog in the giant industrial machine. You were trained to become a cog”. […]