Corporate leaderlessness trainings.

Defining the leadership training needs is crucial to unleash the full potential for everyone in the organisation. The problem is that most organisations do it wrong and conduct leaderlessness trainings instead of leadership ones. They assume that they grow and develop their organisations and workforce, while in reality, they grow the problem they started and make it bigger.

When leadership trainings go leaderless.

When the leadership approach is leaderless, everything goes in disarray. What I mean by a leaderless approach is that most organizations instead of equipping their upcoming leaders with the right leadership skills, they train them to become brilliant managers.

Doing it right requires understanding the building blocks of great leadership. They confuse leadership with management.

Leadership is priamrly about purpose not goals and objectives.

Leadership is about the challenge that the business is created to achieve.

Leadership is about bringing the right people not sceptics and misfits.

Leadership is about the impact that the business exists to create.

Again, if the leaders of the organisation are leaderless, there is no way to develop other leaders. You cannot teach people to fly like an eagle if you are a chicken.

The result is an army of managers at every level and floor of every organization around the world. The result is people who are trained to manage not to lead.

People who are trained to micro manage not to coach and mentor.

People who are trained to discipline not to inspire.

People who are trained to intimidate not to genuinely look after others.

The result is people who are trained to become managers not leaders. Unfortunately, they are destined to become and stay managers since their leaders are managers. No one can flood the world from an empty ocean.

The managerial approach is widely used, applied and evident. The evidence is the ongoing stress and frustration experienced by people in most organisations.

There are few exceptions, but they are still the exception. The leaders’ efforts should be coordinated to make the exception the norm.

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