Inspiration occurs when our brains suck more oxygen

I used to turn the radio button very slowly by hand to select a station that sounds interesting to me but most of the time, finding it required me to turn the radio knob to the left and to the right slowly to pick a clear signal for the favorite station as possible. It happens the same when you click with something or someone that you love, admire, be inspired by, or socially connected to. When people are inspired, they are emotionally engaged, so they have the mental capacity to solve problems and work out new solutions. It is scientifically proven when the brain sucks more oxygen, people are inspired, blood flows to all the brain’s areas which leverage the brain’s ability to forge neural networks and become more stimulated.

When a particular idea, a person or an environment inspires us, our neural networks which are a sequence of larger chains of neurons that their crystallization and stimulation as units together form the neural units which store the way we interpret and envision the world. These neural units are the set of ideologies, beliefs, and memories in our brains. The Insula is the part of the brain which is responsible for the feeling of empathy and the overall social emotions. When we are emotionally connected, the neural networks get more stimulated by the received communication through our visual and audible organs. This part of the brain gets more activated. Things that inspire us are powerfully engaging us to use more brain power. It is now the time to understand how inspiration works with regards to companies. Companies are the social settings which should be distinguished by their belief systems, social and professional codes that set them apart.

Kicking off inspiration in the brain requires zero activation of the amygdala.

Amygdala is the brain’s panic button. It is responsible for the body’s fight or flight response. It sets off a chain of biological changes and reactions that prepare the body to respond to the danger. When people agree and share the same beliefs and ideas, the amygdala is almost switched off, harmony kicks in and deeper emotional connection sets in. Neural networks get activated, the stronger the stimulation, the faster the firing and the greater people become engaged mentally and emotionally. We understand from this neurological mechanism that uncertainty is the enemy of inspiration. Mental and emotional engagement requires an almost zero activation of the amygdala.


Companies that use layoffs, redundancies and harsh performance reviews constantly trigger the amygdala and keep it alerted to prepare the body for the fight or the flight response. The main parts of the brain are diverted from creative thinking and problem-solving. When the hungry tiger is in sight, there is no room for creativity and legs’ muscles are the only competitive advantage. Kicking off inspiration requires leaders to perfect the constant soothing of the amygdala. Creating a permanent sense of certainty for people impacts the neural dynamic in their brains. The uncertainty which is often caused by jobs’ insecurity related concerns forces people to look after their basic needs.

  • Active Amygdala = low inspiration.

  • Inactive Amygdala = high inspiration

When people are inspired by their leaders, friends and other people, there is absolute conformity in the way they envision the world. Inspiration is a neurological reaction in the brain. It is not a psychological one. Making people less susceptible to fear and anxieties inhibit stress and flood people’s brains with oxygen. They feel emotionally rewarded and connected. Trust emerges, and cooperation follows. No doubt if these people are working together, their level of achievement will be matchless. Leaders most and foremost responsibility is to create ideologies, champion and communicate them then choose the right people who genuinely believe in them. By doing so, these believers would be inspired and work hard to advance the cause that the business is set to achieve.



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