Hiring should be like dating. A great marriage does not happen in a 30 minutes interview.

By: Kamil Toume

In 2013, I was passing by the big meeting room in my previous company and I heard the shouting and screaming of the company board at the Human Resources Director and a bunch of executives who were presenting the quarterly report about the key performance indicators. The main problem was about the high percentage of the turnover ratio which was astonishingly 40% namely half of the staff who were hired, left the company. Fingers were flying all over the room pointing at the responsible, it was a barrage of accusations thrown at the Recruitment manager, HR director and their staff members who did badly too and contributed negatively to worsen and reach the figure of 40%.

Who is in charge of such a catastrophic figure that led to the loss of half the staff members? I think everyone is reading this article right now has already realized that it is the CEO or the father who is held responsible for the plummeting of the turnover ratio, disregarding its upbringing from the beginning and converting it to be the rude child whose name is “Turnover”. Let me tell why the CEO is the one who is totally responsible for blessing the sacred marriage between the wonderful couples” Corporate strategy & Talent Management” and their amazing son Turnover. When born, Turnover name was by default named Retention but by the time of the bad upbringing by his parents was converted to be Turnover and regrettably”TO ”loves to keep his name.

Talent management is the loyal wife to the father – Corporate strategy or culture but if the moral values and vision of the father are bad, the wife will be guided by and surely the child will be raised upon them. The north pole here is the Vision of the company and its related corporate strategies which doctrine the path and actions of the whole business and the life of the family in the future. It is a marriage between corporate strategy and talent management, not an affair.

A chief executive reading this is likely to latch onto the word “sacred marriage.” Therefore, that is the lens talent leaders should u use when presenting items surrounding culture and culture strategy to senior executives. Definitions of organizational culture vary, but essentially it is a collective set of values, visions, norms, language, systems and symbols. Culture also may be interpreted as the way people — employees, clients, and stakeholders — interact with one another in the organization. Ideally, CEOs and executives should start the process by assessing and defining the cultures through a validated cultural assessment. This allows the organization to draw the main lines that attract the people who belong to the company’s school of thought or the values system.

Company Vision feeds corporate culture which shapes the corporate strategy to marry talent management to breed the right ratios such as 4361f61a1284e9f9f3db79e76a82c3e2retention which is the result of attracting and retaining the best people that fit the big family called in our modern age “Company”. Companies that have high ratios of turnover have to revisit their cultures to detect the area that radiates the bad emissions.



Let’s forget all the discussion before and start talking about the practical solutions that boost retention and eradicate turnover, first of all, hiring should be a slow and long process like dating. How on earth businesses recruit hundreds of people in a week, I am totally shocked by the recruitment campaigns in some companies which aim at hiring a pool of specialized people in one day or two then later they start mourning the turnover ratios. How can we expect that the majority of people fit the culture and belong to the family after a one day round of interviews? Hiring should be like dating which is a long process through which both partners need time to discover each other and to see if they are complementary to each other in the future. If we treat hiring based on this, we select the right people that their values and expectations conform and match the company ones and that in turn will save the time later on in terms of training and retaining.

Hiring should be like dating. A great marriage does not happen in a 30 minutes interview, so how we expect in business to hire people in 15 or 30 minutes for a long term, everlasting& committed relationship.


Companies that follow this route in hiring will reap good results not only in terms of staff retention but also customers retention too because people communicate with people.  I believe that companies whose big slogan” we put customers first” and not applying the dating process in their recruitment are lying to customers. Because if they put their customers first that means their employees are second and both customers and employees are people. So logically if a group of people is second, how on earth the first group of the people who are customers will believe that they are first.It is a racism in business to differentiate between employees and customers, the company is a structure and the structure does not deal with customers, again people deal with people.

reTurnover is the offspring of a company that does not value their children “staff” and it does not surprise me at all that a family which does not care for their children, they, in turn, will not respect and care for their guests namely customers…

Again, the good match between the father and mother will result in a good child, the good match between corporate culture and talent management will breed good and positive ratios that foster the stability and prosperity of the family. High turnover is the ultimate result of “a bad “vision and unhealthy corporate culture”.

Raising a good child is time and effort consuming. Good parents strive to care imagesand teach their children no matter how many times they fail and all that in a constant pursuit of their success in the future. It is the same for staff. It is time now to change hiring policies radically as to hire to retain permanently which require a consistency between the vision, values and corporate strategy which all set the strategic direction and the executive management practices. It is very critical to change work contracts and replace them with social contracts for the people who join your family because they are the real assets that guarantee your company success.

Make your company vision the lighthouse that radiates the glowing light which guides people to reach your port, those adventurers who sought the light and arrived will explore and work with you tirelessly no matter how many obstacles and dark nights are looming in the offing.


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