It is time now for reversing the dehumanisation.

By: Kamil Toume

The world has been dangerously dehumanized to unprecedented levels through the insatiable greed for profits. People at the top must understand that people come first not the numbers. To increase wealth, companies manufacture goods that are unneeded. Corporations only think in terms of the next quarter, not the next generation. Corporations will naturally do whatever they can to maximize their profits right now, including poisoning the children with vaccines, poisoning the population with toxic food products, sacrificing the financial future of the world for short-term gain, destroy the environment, ignore the health care needs of the People, incite war so they can sell more profitable weapons to war-torn countries around the world and so on. Nowadays, many countries in the Middle East and Africa are attacked and destroyed for extracting more gas and oil. Essentially, corporations will sell out and commercialize the future for higher profits today. They treat their people badly, lay them off to balance the books, thus adding more anxiety and stress to people’s lives inside and outside the business.  Greed and power are the two malignant cells that have brought the whole of humanity to its knees.

It is the dehumanized world in which we live now that must give birth to the movement of re-humanization across the world. Failure to embark on this mission would be catastrophic for all of us. There is a big possibility if we start re-humanizing the different aspects of life on our planet, corporate greed and selfishness will not be the norm that governs the world. There will be also a greater chance of prevailing world peace and building a better world for all of us. Are we ready to embrace the future and escape the control of the “Corporate Greed”? Or we are going to allow our enslavement to continue.




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